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Stephen J. Gerace Elementary School is a Kindergarten through grade 5 school that has established a tradition of creating lifelong learners who care for one another and have good character. We are committed to equipping students with the tools they need for academic, personal, and social achievement in accordance with the Pequannock Township School District Mission which states:

The Pequannock Township School District, supported by a community rich in pride and tradition, educates and inspires all students to become lifelong learners. We provide a safe and dynamic learning environment that fosters individual creativity and maximizes potential to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Stephen J. Gerace School is successful because of the diligent efforts of all our stakeholders. Our children and staff benefit from tremendous support from parents. The partnership between the home and school as well as a strong foundation built upon critical thinking, problem solving and character education is a necessity for our students to be successful. That parent involvement sparks interest beyond the scope and sequence of the classroom, providing welcome support to our teachers and enrichment programs offered to the entire school community. It enriches the quality of education our children receive. Our parents are encouraged to volunteer in the Library Media Center, in the classroom for special activities, and at lunch/recess. With the consistent efforts of a strong Home and School Association, we have been able to plan many wonderful learning experiences for our children.

The Pequannock Township elementary school curriculum includes a literacy block that covers reading and language arts, mathematics, humanities (social studies), STEM (science), world cultures, art, music, health, physical education, and technology instruction. Students requiring special education services also receive additional support to address their unique educational needs.

The readÍng/language arts curriculum combines reading, writing, speaking, viewing, and listening in a balanced literacy approach. Our goal is to develop our students' skills so that they become independent readers who develop an interest in reading for pleasure. We also employ the Teachers College Writer's Workshop for grades K-5. With this program, we instill in our children the importance of developing lifelong writing skills. We also use both the DRA and SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) at multiple checkpoints throughout the year to assess growth in reading skills. With flexible grouping our students have the opportunity to receive reading instruction at their reading level.

Our New Jersey Student Learning Standards-aligned mathematics program helps our children learn how to compute and solve problems, interpret and organize data, measure and use mathematics in everyday situations. Manipulatives are used to develop deeper, multi-sensory understandings of mathematical functions, patterns and concepts, Students are also taught to think critically and to solve problems creatively. Our math curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and we use Math in Focus as our curricular resource. Our goal is to develop learners who can compete across the global learning community, We have developed benchmarks that are matched against skills on the PARCC in the areas of mathematics and language arts. These assessments have allowed us to test our children each trimester and provide support as needed.

The humanities (social studies) curriculum helps students acquire knowledge, skills and values needed to become responsible members of society. Whether learning about their families,Pequannock Township, the State of New Jersey, or the world, our students learn the importance of appreciating ethnic and cultural diversity in our pluralistic world. Our third grade curriculum includes the study of immigration and studying customs and cultural interests from around the world.

A "hands-on" approach is utilized in our STEM (science) program. Students observe, measure,describe, compare and contrast collect and classify information, experiment, make predictions, draw conclusions, and make inferences through discovery and investigation. The importance of the scientific process is incorporated within all grades. Our annual Science Fair generates tremendous excitement and has been another positive learning experience for our children.

Beginning in kindergarten, technology is an integral part of the teaching learning process. Students recognize the computer as a tool for learning; both in the classroom and in the lab, students use programs that reinforce their learning. Under the supervision of their teachers, students use the Internet as a research tool and source for learning and inquiry. We have also invested in Chromebooks and iPads to help students develop their technology literacy skills. Smartboards are in each classroom and are a valuable resource. Technology is consistently infused into the daily instruction at Stephen J. Gerace Elementary School.

All students have the unique opportunity to develop an appreciation for the fine arts and movement activities. In music class our students prepare for performances and learn music from different countries and cultures. They unite the community together by visiting our senior homes and sharing their talents by singing and playing musical instruments. Students’ artistic talents are also on display at SJG. Their "walls" of art create an atmosphere in the building where creativity overflows in abundance for all to see. Our students also take part in health and physical education where they learn the importance of good health and nutrition, the value of exercise, and the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

We expand our students learning through our gifted and talented instruction. Students have an opportunity to enrich and challenge their minds in ELA Math, Science and Social Studies. Our teachers work to see that children are able to explore skills and content in new ways.

The professional staff creates many interdisciplinary units encouraging students to see how core subjects are interconnected. Every day teachers create an environment where students are excited about learning and the world in which they live. Stephen J. Gerace Elementary School is proud to have a great faculty, staff, and involved school community.